The Division’s 2nd Anniversary Comes with 20 Million Players and New Global Events

Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy’s The Division has hit its second anniversary, if you can believe it or not, and have made a few announcements about the game to celebrate. The game has passed the 20 million player mark worldwide, which is pretty impressive especially with Rainbow Six Siege passing that marker a year ago. The Tom Clancy series of games continue to do incredibly well for Ubisoft.

In celebration of the player milestone and the game’s second anniversary, players will see some new global events coming to the game. From March 1st to March 29th, The Division will host one new global event per week, which will add modifiers to all activities in-game and give players a chance to earn gameplay rewards and cosmetic items for taking part.

And if you swing on by the Division Twitch channel you’ll get additional goodies throughout the month by connecting your Twitch and Ubisoft accounts. Anyone who spends more than half an hour tuned in to the official Division Twitch channel will automatically unlock in-game rewards.

The Division‘s last update was back in February, which brought the game’s fourth global event. The game may also be getting a sequel somewhere down the line, but nothing concrete has yet been announced.

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