Doctor Strange #286 Spoilers- the Collar is Back, the Temples Explained

Doctor Strange #286 Spoilers- the Collar is Back, the Temples Explained

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Marvel is about to have one of its regular relaunches.

The last relaunch but two in 2015 was called the All-New All-Different Marvel Now relaunch that followed Secret Wars and included a new Doctor Strange comic by Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo, in which Bachalo was asked to de-age Doctor Strange into his twenties. He compromised for mid-thirties, lost the collar and the grey temples. So he went from this…

… to this.

And yes, got an axe as well. Even though in then-upcoming film out, he looked like this.

Well, Doctor Strange went through another not-a-relaunch last year from the hands of Donny Cates and Gabriel Henrandez Walta without any of the Doctor Strange accoutrements at all, taken by Loki, but now he’s got them back, he’s also got the collar, in the Damnation arc drawn by Nico Henrichon starting in today’s Doctor Strange #386.

But what about the temples? They stay stubbornly black. Well that gets reinterpreted as well.

Which ages Doctor Strange back, in a stroke… as he prepares to deal with the devil.

Sorry, sorry, that’s Frank Castle in Thanos #16, also written by Donny Cates, also published today. He does like that Mephisto. Maybe he should take over Amazing Spider-Man instead of Nick Spencer?

This is more of a deal with the devil… hope that collar hides his non-poker face.

(W) Donny Cates (A/CA) Niko Henrichon
•  Doctor Strange bet on his ability to restore Las Vegas and got his prize – with some satanic strings attached!
•  Now he’s going double or nothing to set things right.
•  How did he get back to full power? And will it be enough when he’s gambling for his life?
Rated T+In Shops: Feb 28, 2018
SRP: $3.99

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