A Comic Show – “Milk Wars Finale Made Me Feel like I Was Still High from Portland”

Posted by February 28, 2018 Comment

Aaron Haaland of A Comic Shop in Orlando, Florida, writes,

Hey Fandom! I’m back and ready to rock weekly again. We moved the shop one unit over, then we had a missing/delayed shipment, and last week I was in Portland for the Image Expo and Comicspro…but that’s done.

This week I’m excited about Jason Aaron’s Avengers (even with a new number 1), Doctor Strange’s Damnation, Spectacular #300, and Lockjaw with D-Man for Marvel. DC’s The Terrifics is my favorite book of the week, sure Lemire make be auditioning for Fantastic Four but it’s a solid audition. Mera spinning out of Aquaman and pick up on the Orm subplot was enjoyable. And Doom Patrol/JLA’s Milk Wars finale made me feel like I was still high from Portland’s (legal) edibles.

Days of Hate and Calexit were variations on a theme, you’ll probably either like both or neither. And the new Labyrinth comic is the hidden history of the Goblin King,

I’ll be back next week for Oblivion Song #1 by Kirkman!

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