Bleeding Cool Bestseller List – 25th February 2018 – Superman Readers Disturbed About Bendis

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This is the Top 10 Bleeding Cool Bestseller List, as compiled by a number of comic stores from their sales on Wednesday and Thursday. It measures what are known as the “Wednesday Warriors”, those who can’t wait to the weekend to get this week’s comics. We salute you, and the keenness you bring to your passion.

Infinity Countdown Prime must be lower than Marvel would have liked by Amazing Spider-Man is a lot higher. Not enough to top Batman, of course. But enough, along with Avengers, to top the Batman/Wonder Woman launch.

Top Ten Bestselling comic books of the week.

  1. Batman #41
  2. Amazing Spider-Man #796
  3. Avengers #681
  4. Brave and the Bold #1
  5. Infinity Countdown: Prime #1
  6. Justice League #39
  7. Superman #41
  8. Mighty Thor #704
  9. Batman and the Signal #2
  10. Black Panther Annual #1

Thanks to the following retailers…

…who had this to say:

Very strong week for Marvel, with three books in our top ten and six more in positions 11-20. Best sign of all: some readers who had abandoned Marvel titles in 2017 are backing up and buying some of those older issues now because they want to fill in the blanks now that they’re buying the titles once again. Bad news for DC: readers are disturbed about the discontinuation of the entire Superman family of titles to make room for Brian Bendis’s run. They’re losing five strong-selling DCs (Superman, Action, Supergirl, Super Sons, and Trinity), two of which are biweekly, for two monthly books–and readers who are loving Superman right now are already feeling a bit marginalized now that their favorite books are being cancelled. More bad news for DC: Damage saw more than a 50% attrition rate between first-day sales on #1 and first-day sales on #2, with many customers commenting that they didn’t care for the book enough to keep buying it. Could bode well for Marvel in the next few months!

Batman and Marvel Comics filled out the Top Ten at FFF this week. Redlands managed to hit #10, but the rest of the top sales were surprisingly Marvel books, and events at that. Doctor Strange Damnation was our #2 seller just a handful of copies behind Batman. Infinity Countdown Prime was actually the #3 seller followed by Avengers at #4. The other Batbooks from the week, were the only other DC books in the Top Ten which is a bit of a surprise. It seems like Marvel has finally found they’re footing. It might be all gimmicks and events, but they are starting to do something right.

For the rest of the Top Ten, Babyteeth #8 managed to crack the Top Twenty at #13 even on its second week. Walking Dead #176 similarly sold well enough to place on its third week. Those two were the only two indie books in the Top Twenty. Justice League and Injustice were actually the only other DC books in the Top Twenty as well. It seems like the Rebirth high has faded a bit and Marvel is coming back on top. At least a little bit.

Weird week. Weather was bad so that kept some people away. Avengers keeps doing well even on a weekly release. Amazing Spider-Man would have sold more if we had ordered more or able to order more. Batman of course took the top spot. Hopefully next week the weather will be better.

Batman reigns supreme. Amazing Spider-Man sold out with many a dream of children’s future college funds. Actually, this was quite a Marvel heavy week. I expect more as many other Marvel books loom on milestone numbers.

A decent week for Marvel, DC, and Image. DC’s New Age of Heroes started out strong for my store, but they’ve been slowing down drastically (like I’ve heard from other stores.) Personally, I like them. I hope they find their audience, but it’s tricky to get people to give new stuff a chance these days.

…Unless you’re talking about Image. They try a new #1, but it’s hard to get them to keep going with the second issue.

Marvel is finally getting some movement on their new books, but they have a MUCH lower ceiling than they used to. So far their upcoming relaunch has been met with a lukewarm reception. Hopefully we can get people interested before they ship.

This is probably one of the most even mixes of the Big Two we’ve had across our Top 10 in a long time. The Caped Crusader has been briefly knocked out of his top spot by the heat surrounding AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #796 and the coming debut of “new” character The Red Goblin.

The Dark Knight is hardly being a slouch this week, however, as BATMAN #41 and new miniseries co-starring Wonder Woman THE BRAVE & THE BOLD take the second and third best seller spots, while BATMAN AND THE SIGNAL #2 and BATMAN TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES II #4 fill clock in at the lower half of the list.

Back to Marvel the current AVENGERS event continues to be a popular seller and INFINITY COUNTDOWN PRIME #1 has come out of the gate fairly strong. At the bottom of the list we’ve got some usual suspects like BLACK PANTHER and JUSTICE LEAGUE, as well as a personal favorite of mine: the most recent installment of the Milk Wars crossover between Young Animal and the main DC line, CAVE CARSON SWAMP THING SPECIAL #1. Pretty interesting week overall!

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