Chris Tucker Confirms that Rush Hour 4 is Happening

Rush Hour 3 wasn’t very well received, but it appears there are still people who want a fourth movie — and they’re getting their wish. Those comedies made quite a bit of money at the time, but the antics of Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan may feel dated in this day and age. Jackie Chan apparently turned down scripts until there was one good enough, and now it looks like he’s found one he approves of.

Rush Hour

Tucker was apparently on the ESPN’s The Plug podcast (via Screen Rant) and was asked about the fourth movie happening.

“We’re working on it now,” Tucker told the hosts, confirming both he and Chan are returning for the sequel. He wouldn’t spill any further details, but did call it “the rush of all rushes.”

The problem with the Rush Hour movies is they played on racial stereotypes, and that kind of humor doesn’t really work anymore. A good portion of the target audience for these movies, teenagers, are in the process of fighting the government for gun control right now. They are aware of these types of issues and aren’t exactly forgiving.

Does anyone remember what happened in the last one of those movies? It came out in 2007.

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