Todd McFarlane Confirms a Start Date for the Spawn Movie

Todd McFarlane has been keeping fans of Spawn updated on the process of the movie for a while now. After Deadpool proved that there was a market for R-rated superhero movies, McFarlane has been pushing for a Spawn reboot harder than ever. He’s also doing something totally different from other superhero creator in that he wants total control over the production. Earlier this month, McFarlane confirmed that he was in Hollywood working on casting, so it looked like the production was moving forward some more after many, many delays. McFarlane is still on track to write and direct this production.

McFarlane took the stage at Image Expo today to give another update on the film. He confirmed again that the movie is casting and has also revealed that the production has a start date. He says he hopes the production can start in May and he wants the first trailer to be ready in time for New York Comic Con and Venom. McFarland also hopes that Venom will help pave the way and, according to reports from the talk, said that the movie will do well because Spawn has minority characters and Black Panther did well.

We do not have the exact quote at time of reporting — we missed it in its entirety from the stream, but once we get our hands on it, we will update this article accordingly.

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