Reports of Drink Spiking After Katsucon this Weekend

Reports of Drink Spiking After Katsucon this Weekend

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Cosplayer Sheol Moore is attending Katsucon this weekend, an annual three-day anime convention held during February at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center in National Harbor, Maryland. Moore posted a warning to other attendees from Inova Alexandria Hospital,

Katsucon friends –

I’m making this public so if attendees choose to share as a psa, please feel free.

I’m writing this update from the hospital. Two of my friends have been given some kind of drug in their alcohol that made them extremely sick. This is not alcohol poisoning – some kind of substance was intentionally slipped into alcohol that was being consumed. This happened to an unattended drink at the hotel bar and at a room party. The first incident was Friday night and this incident tonight, Saturday. After speaking with con staff I think it’s safe to assume that these two were not the only congoers in a similar situation. (Note that I do not speak for Katsucon or the Gaylord, I’m only relating what I have seen for myself.)

Please please be careful where you are getting your drinks from. I personally saw two of my close friends (from completely different social circles) affected by this, this weekend and while I’m not going to give their names for their privacy, it’s extremely important that other Katsucon friends TAKE CARE where they are GETTING their drinks, and SETTING THEM unattended. This can happen in a crowded room with a bottle being passed around or at a bar or even in a room with people you think you can trust. NEVER drink something you did not see mixed or poured, and NEVER leave an open drink in a place where someone might be able to slip something in it.

Not everyone is nice. And while this convention is incredible and filled with kind and loving people, there are also people who don’t have good intentions. Please take care of yourself and watch out for your friends. A trip to the hospital can ruin a con pretty quickly.

For reference: these individuals became very sick very quickly. The symptoms I’ve personally seen are dizziness, losing consciousness suddenly, and a LOT of vomiting, very quickly.

Keep hydrated and PLEASE take your friends or yourself to medical if you think something seems off. It’s not worth waiting it out if someone appears more sick than usual etc please be responsible.

Stay safe my friends! Take care of yourselves and your friends.

There are reports of this happening elsewhere at the show, and people are encouraged to take special care and to report any such concerns. And to bear these guidelines in mind.

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