No, a White Man Wasn't Beaten Up For Wanting to See Black Panther

No, a White Man Wasn’t Beaten Up For Wanting to See Black Panther

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This piece is running on Bleeding Cool because, well, there’s going to be a lot of it about.

A couple of days ago, a user posted on Twitter, that he went to see the Black Panther film, but was beaten up by a “group of black youths” who told him that the film wasn’t for him, and he was on his way to ER. He posted bloodied tissues as proof.

Just the kind of thing to cause all sorts of ructions. Some people saw this as the trollposting it was, and the individual’s name might have been a clue. Others didn’t. Others searched on Flickr to find the stock photos.

The user, Kinda6t confessed to this being his tenth Twitter ID and that he delighted in causing mayhem. Since then, his Twitter ID has been removed.

Since then there have been more fake claims, each time using pre-existing photographs, from other accounts. And with a clear aim to incite reaction from those… open to being incited.

These are not isolated examples, Bleeding Cool is aware of some systematic attempts to cause real trouble around the release of the Black Panther movie. Just reading the reports of the Department of Justice recent charges does seem to share certain aspects in common with this.

When it comes to the internet right now, the carpenter’s paraphrased advice of check twice, retweet once does seem to apply…

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