Toronto PUBG Players Can Eat Like Winners at Winner's Dinners

Toronto PUBG Players Can Eat Like Winners at Winner’s Dinners

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Even if you haven’t managed to win a match of PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds, the city of Toronto has a restaurant that will feed you like one anyhow. Winner’s Dinners is ostensibly a small restaurant selling chicken dinners, but back behind the counter it is really a PUBG demo zone. However, they do still serve some fried chicken dinners, even if you aren’t a winner in your PUBG match.

This is an example of viral marketing at its best, and it seems to have pulled in quite a few people judging by Twitter.

What is more shocking is the sheer amount of detail thats gone into it. Xbox Canada even posted a photo of flyers fro the restaurant, along with a phone number.

So if you happen to be in the area, and you want to play some PUBG, it looks like Winner’s Dinners is going to be a local gamer hotspot. And while this is a marketing campaign to get people playing the game, Xbox don’t really need to do much to help with game sales. PUBG has doen incredibly well on Xbox One, and overall PUBG sales continue to climb, even as the PC player base sees a bit of a dropoff. Since the PC drop is mostly attributed to the prevalence of cheaters on PC alone, BattleEye’s zealous efforts to clear cheaters from the game should help with that. Though, their cheater purge has led to some strange revelations, considering most of the cheaters appear to be based in China.

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