Errors In Batman: Knightfall Omnibus Vol 2 As Well...?

Errors In Batman: Knightfall Omnibus Vol 2 As Well…?

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Bleeding Cool has reported on errors in the recent Justice League International Omnibus, which saw DC Comics fixing some of them in the second printing without announcing such a thing. Then errors in the Jack Kirby Fourth World Omnibus which saw DC Comics just issue a recall and replacement. Well, you know how they say things come in threes?

The Knightfall Omnibus Vol 2: KnightQuest, reprinting the classic story in which Bane breaks Batman’s back (spoilers) and then sees Bruce Wayne replaced by Azrael in the role also suffers issues.

User “jurassicbond” posted recent screenshots showing that in the reprinted Legends of the Dark Knight #61 towards the end of the Omnibus, whereas the digital version of the comic seen below has the pages in the correct order 1, 2, 3, 4…


The page order printed in the Omnibus is 2,1,4,3 instead.

The Amazon comments note the error as well. With

Would be a great Omnibus if not for yet another DC printing error. Pages 3 and 4 of Legends of the Dark Knight issue #61 are printed out of order. DC is continuing to be sloppy and leave errors in expensive Omnibuses that fans have wanted for a long time. DC needs to care more about these errors.

And shoocat on the Marvel Masterworks board is also spreading the word. Here’s that full listing.

Batman: Knightfall Omnibus Vol 2

This classic storyline that led to the birth of a new Batman begins as the Dark Knight’s greatest enemies have all simultaneously escaped from Arkham Asylum and are preying on Gotham City. With his city under siege, Batman pushes his body to its physical breaking point as he takes on the Joker, the Mad Hatter, Poison Ivy, Killer Croc, the Riddler and the Scarecrow, one after another. But things get much worse, when Bane, the man behind all of this madness, confronts an exhausted Batman and cripples him by breaking his back. Collecting the entire Knightfall saga in a single hardcover edition for the first time, including BATMAN: VENGEANCE OF BANE #1, BATMAN #491-514, DETECTIVE #659-681, SHOWCASE 93 #7-8, BATMAN: SHADOW OF THE BAT #17-34, ROBIN #7-13, CATWOMAN #6-7, BATMAN: LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT #62-63 and more


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