Pick Up Artist Richard La Ruina’s Game is Nothing More than a Personal Ego Trip

The pick up artist formerly known as Gambler, real name Richard La Ruina, has created a monument to his own ego in the form of the “true to life” live action dating sim Super Seducer which puts players at the controls of Richard as he attempts to get into the pants of numerous women.

Before I start making fun of this game too badly, here’s the official description:

Prepare to be irresistible as you wield the biggest turn-ons of all.

Super Seducer is a humorous live-action dating sim directed by and starring renowned pick-up artist Richard La Ruina, best-selling author and founder of dating skills company PUA Training – Richard has been featured on BBC, in Maxim, Men’s Health, Cosmopolitan and others for helping thousands of men meet the women of their dreams. Learn the artistry of sexual attraction as you play through ten realistic and heart-racing scenarios.

Richard, the Super Seducer himself, takes you from dud to stud in this choose-your-own adventure style game where he teaches proven, psychologically sound seduction techniques honed over 11 years of professional experience. Along your journey, for every choice you make, Richard will be there to rate your choices to educate, praise or demonize your actions. If you’re a creep, you’ll suffer the consequences!

Super Seducer will heat up PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Mac on March 6th, 2018. While the game contains mature subject matter and beautiful women, there is no nudity – settle down, fellas.

Alright, now that you’re as caught up on this game as I am, we’ll start with some background. Richard La Ruina was unsuccessful with women for much of his early life, which led him to pick up artists like Erik von Markovik, better known as Mystery. La Ruina viewed these pick up artists as great role models but they only provided him with an attitude and not a complete structure for meeting women. Which led him to create his own method. He then turned it into a coaching gig by creating PUA Training which was the subject of a BBC  Channel 4 documentary, First Cut: The Rules of Seduction. Since then, La Ruina has gone on to providing tips for women in advice columns for Cosmopolitan as well as giving men dating advice in the men’s lifestyle magazine FHM. La Ruina has since published a book titled The Natural Art of Seduction: Secrets of Success with Women.

La Ruina believes men must be their “best selves” to “maintain attraction” while dealing with women. Which is a step up from the “insert pick up line, receive sex” paradigm that is a hallmark of the PUA culture. That said, La Ruina and others view conversations with women less as social interaction and more as a series of checkpoints, which makes Super Seducer less of a game and more of a training program.

Now, I’m not against dating simulators in general. Often times, they’re simply visual romance novels and follow the same fantasy rules that virtual relationships often do. Because that’s the way games code, “if I do x, y, and z, I’ll get ending A.” What makes Super Seducer an abomination is that it uses live action simulations pulled from video of Richard La Ruina interacting with various actresses. While it presents a fantasized version of reality, it does so in a way designed to make the player think it is “realistic” or “true to life.”

Meanwhile, the game features segments of La Ruina saying such memorable lines as “If you’re not good at cooking, you must be real good at sucking dick then.” All with the acting capabilities of a 2×4.

You can watch that glorious action in the “gameplay trailer” below.


Super Seducer isn’t just sexist, it’s honestly insulting to everyone. The game assumes that gamers are incapable of realizing that they shouldn’t straight up grab a woman’s breasts in public. Meanwhile, for those who wish they could do those things in public, it gives them an outlet. And the women exist just to look pretty and react. That is their only purpose. There’s literally nothing redeeming about the game.

Sitting through that monstrosity of a trailer should make one thing very clear. Super Seducer provided La Ruina with the opportunity to say egregious things to women while creating a game that stands as a monument to his own ego. The game is based on his personal understanding and “experience” with women, uses his PUA Training to coach players through the 10 scenarios, and features himself in the lead role.

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