Blanka Returns To Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition With A New Trailer

Originally, Blanka was left out of Street Fighter V because Capcom wanted to take a slightly new direction by having a mix of old favorites that would make you familiar with the next chapter and new additions for you to fall in love with. Apparently, they didn’t realize how big the fan outcry would be for him and other long-standing characters not to be included. (Some of us are still sad we can torpedo people as E. Honda in this new version.) So when season three and Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition came along, the developers decided to throw some old faces back in the mix, which included what appears to be a revitalized version of Blanka.

Below is the official gameplay trailer for everyone’s favorite electrified beast, along with some DLC options, which will all be released on February 20th. If you loved/hated the juggling he could do in previous games, you seriously going to adore/loathe his new combos which will have you flying in the air for quite some time. Simply put, he’s a brawler with a lot of up-close attacks and some short-ranged combos that might just turn a few hears on the esports circuit and make them want to change over. Enjoy!

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