Armature Confirms They’re Not Working On A Metal Gear Solid Collection

If you’ve haven’t seen the news over the weekend that there was a Metal Gear Solid HD Collection in the works for PS4, we find that a bit shocking because practically everyone picked up on the rumor. It originally started with Armature Studios noting on their own website that they had made a version of the collection for the PS4, which caught the eye of a few people on Reddit who immediately started cranking the rumor mill that a port was in the works. And hey, why not be hopeful for this, right? It would be awesome to own on a modern console. Unfortunately, it isn’t true.

DualShockers got the official word from fromt he company, which we have a snippet from the response below, as they confirm this was simply a typo on their website and there are no plans to make a Metal Gear Solid HD Collection for PS4. Will we get one for the PS4 someday? Who knows. But if I were working at Armature, I’d be looking at the buzz this got over the weekend with new eyes to see if it was worth persuing.

Word comes Jonathan Zamkoff, head of business development at Armature Studios. When asked by DualShockers if they were working on Metal Gear Solid HD Collection for PS4, he let us know that it was a typo on an otherwise new website:

Unfortunately this was simply a typo by one of our web developers and is neither a leak nor indication that the MGS HD collection is coming to PS4.  Or that Armature is working on any new MGS games.

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