How Many Mid or Post-Credit Scenes Does the Black Panther Movie Have Then?

How Many Mid or Post-Credit Scenes Does the Black Panther Movie Have Then?

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I just got out of the European premiere of Black Panther. I sat in front of I hope my big head didn’t spoil his view. I will speak more about this shortly but just for now, this was the question I got asked lots. Should you stay behind at the end of Black Panther for any further scenes?

Well, yes, It’s a Marvel film. This is what they do. Which is why I was baffled when the moment the credits started rolling, some folk bolted for the door, forcing everyone to stand up. Babysitters, parking meters, places to me, I get it, but the movie ain’t over.

And yes, you get two scenes. The first comes fast, with Black Panther, his court and Everett Ross, as he makes a speech to the United Nations. Who the Black Panther is, and what he says, well that’s for the movie to tell you.

And then at the very end after the song titles and production studio logos have rolled, and still more people have left the cinema, you get another scene, set at the border to Wakanda, that ties Captain America: Civil War up and targets it towards Avengers: Infinity War. Yeah, you know what I’m talking about.

So stay in that seat okay? Let everyone else miss the White Wolf…

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