Balor Club Takes on The Revival in Surprise Tag Team Match

Man, I really hope they turn the entire Balor Club heel. Seeing this team wreck havoc on WWE would be nothing short of amazing, and Finn Balor works exceptionally well in a group. Since being reunited with Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, we’ve started to see an almost unstoppable team. Granted, when Balor is paired against WWE darlings such as John Cena or Roman Reigns, he doesn’t fare as well. And honestly that’s a shame. But things are starting to turn around for the fan favorite, but let’s hope creative (and Vince McMahon) can see that too.

The match was supposed to be a one on one, but with The Revival’s insistence, turned into a tag team match.

The match was pretty even, and both teams brought out each other’s best. I’m not sure where creative is trying to push Balor Club, but hopefully it’s towards some well-deserved title matches.

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