An Earth/Krypton War, And More Comic Book Futures, Revealed Today – Action Comics #996, Judgement Day #1, X-Men Blue #20 SPOILERS

Today, Superman and Booster Gold take a trip to the future in Action Comics #996 by Dan Jurgens, Will Conrad and Ivan Nunes. And find a planet colonised by General Zod and company. Not Earth – but that doesn’t stop this being a grevious act of domination.

But because it’s the future, you also get to discover a little of the past, courtesy of Skeets.

Setting up a future storyline with Earth fighting Krypton? Somehow? Something for Brian Bendis to play with or is Dan Jurgens setting up his own future event? Still, they are not the only comic book planning for the future, today.

Inhumans: Judgement Day is the culmination of Al Ewing‘s recent Inhumans storylines and he throws in everyone else’s into the pot too. We have see the future of The Last Inhuman and have seen the regular continuity march in step towards the destruction and transformation of humanity at the hands of the Proginators. But that knowledge of the future has now been shared with the past and so it’s time for a timeline schism. The path can be changed, diverted and paradoxed all the way up.

The future can be changed. Unless, of course, you want the sales boost of an Earth/Krypton War. Meanwhile X-Men Blue #20 is also a culmination, of all their various time travel strands that started off insanely complex, brought from the past to the present, only when they returned to the past, discovered they had never left, then discovered that they were being impersonated in the past by the X-Men from the future, then returning to the present on the basis that sometime in the future they will return to the past to ensure the X-Men of the future don’t become the X-Men of the past and so the X-Men of the present’s timeline remains unchanged.


It takes Bill And Ted’s time travel mechanics to the next level – even though the past has been changed, we know it won’t always stay changed because the present hasn’t been changed, so we know that sometime in the future we know they’ll be able to go to the past to fix the present.

I need a lie down. And an Earth/Krypton War.

(W) Dan Jurgens (A) Will Conrad (CA) Dan Jurgens, Trevor Scott
“Booster Shot” part four! Superman and Booster Gold are out of time, and they’ve found themselves marooned on a strange planet sometime in the future. So why does this planet’s infrastructure look…Kryptonian? The answer shakes the Man of Steel to the core as the ruler of this planet reveals himself…the son of Zod reigns supreme!
RATED T In Shops: Jan 24, 2018

(W) Al Ewing (A) Michael Del Mundo (CA) Daniel Acuna
The Royal Family has spent months tracking down Primagen, the element that birthed Terrigen and could save the Inhuman race from its slow extinction. But to get it, they confronted the Progenitors – beings older than the Earth itself. They stole fire from the gods. And the gods are angry. The fate of planet Earth once again sits in Black Bolt and Medusa’s hands. The Progenitors are here to end their experiment once and for all – and our world with it. Who will be able to stand…on Judgment Day?
Rated T+In Shops: Jan 24, 2018
SRP: $4.99

(W) Cullen Bunn (A) R. B. Silva (CA) Arthur Adams
•  The X-MEN have traveled back in time to encounter…THEMSELVES!
•  But why are the X-Men of the past acting like such jerks?
•  The X-Men have allied with MAGNETO in the present, but what happens when they team up with the villainous Master of Magnetism?
Rated T+In Shops: Jan 24, 2018
SRP: $3.99

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