Dandara Gets a Release Date and a New Launch Trailer

Dandara is an awesome little platformer we came across at PAX West last year from Long Hat House and Raw Fury that kind of blew us away and how smooth and challenging it was as you explore a directionless world with the help of a gun that will teleport you to specific surfaces you can stand on. We’ve been waiting to see when this would finally be released, and today, we got confirmation from the developers that it will hit PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One on February 6th for $15. That is a monumental release for an indie title, that clearly came out of the event last year with a lot of buzz behind it. Below is a quick description of the game along with the Launch Trailer released today. Take our word and brush up on your Metroidvania and Spider-Man skills, and it wouldn’t hurt drinking a caipirinha.

credit//Raw Fury

 An abstract Metroidvania featuring a bold heroine in a gravity-bending world. Dandara is born from the Crib of Creation to help liberate her world, the Salt, from the Eldarian Army, a regime bent on bringing the Salt to oblivion. Dandara is loosely inspired by the historical figure, Dandara de Palmares, who was a 17th century freedom fighter in Brazil.

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