What Happens if the Big Two Stop Publishing Comics? Find Out in This New Comic

Daniel Jonathan Gordon writes:

What would happen if the Big Two stopped publishing comics? Well, that’s what my new Kickstarter series is about!

Oh good, more clickbait. I’m out of here.

Hold on, wait! I’m sorry for the clickbait (when in Rome…) but you never know what news is going to break that I am going to be competing with. Marvel loses another superstar to DC? Another big name fired for sexual harassment? But now that you are here you might as well hear me out right?

You’ve got until my other tab loads…

Great, that’s all I need. So this Kickstarter is for the first issue of a four issue series that will center on a fictional (wink wink) comic book company called “The Big Two” that has decided to sell off the rights to their characters to a film company who has no interest in making comic books, only films. Our heroes, Jack and Todd, find out about this plan and are determined to stop it. The morally bankrupt Acquisition Manager of the film company is attending the comic book convention that the series is set in and is planning on finalizing and announcing the sale the Sunday of the convention. So in order to stop the sale from occurring Jack and Todd have to demonstrate that the characters are a tainted brand—

My other tab has loaded but now that we are talking about taints…

Whatever keeps you here. So Jack and Todd have to drum up all the chaos and controversy they can during the convention to try to stop the sale. So if you are a fan of behind the scenes stories (and you are because here you are on Bleeding Cool dot com) you will find a lot to like in this series. There will be quite a few situations with both characters and creators that look familiar (wink wink) to you.

Have you got something wrong with your eye?

No I was—forget it, I suppose it was my fault for expecting subtlety and nuance from a Bleeding Cool reader.

This coming from the guy who is making a comic book about a “fictional” company called “The Big Two”…

Touché. Let’s move on. So why should you fund this project? Well I’m going to use a phrase that is fairly clichéd at this point, “it’s my love letter to comics”.

I was just on Kickstarter a minute ago and at last count that phrase had been used 1,237 times…this week.

Right you are. So let me tell you why my love letter is different than those other love letters. I come from a strange, emotionally constipated family. The way we show love is quite different from how (I imagine) most families do. We make fun of each other. When we all get together for meals it’s a constant string of disparaging remarks, dubious aspersions, and scurrilous invectives–

Oh, someone found the thesaurus.

–and it’s all in good fun. We all play along and it’s only when you aren’t being made fun of that something is wrong. So with that background in mind, I am writing my love letter to comic books in the only love language I know, making fun of it. I also spend a good amount of time in this series making fun of myself and people like me as well (hence, “fanboys”) because just like when I sit down with my family I am prepared to dish it out, but I am also more than willing to take it as well.

Don’t worry about having to take it, just have a look down there at the comments.

But if none of that entices you then have a look at the wonderful art done by superstar artist Adrian Sibar. He has put a lot of work into these pages and it really shows. Rounding out our creative team is the supremely talented letterer Micah Myers. He has numerous Kickstarter projects of his own and he has lettering credits at Image, Dark Horse, Action Lab Devil’s Due and many others, so he brings a lot of experience with him. Both of these guys are extremely talented and dedicated.

So if you are a fan of funny comics please consider backing this project!

You can find me on twitter at @watchdanwrite—

With your nine followers—

–where I’ll sporadically be making dad jokes. Adrian is on Iinstagram at adriansibarstream and Micah is on twitter @micahmyers.

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