“Please Hold On, The Bus Is About To Move” Mania Grips London

No, this isn’t about comic books. I’ve talked about this before.

This is about a new London bus tannoy announcement that hit London in the last few days. Over decades we’ve been used to automatic messages pumped at us while we sit on the bus chugging through the bus lanes. Telling us the name of the next stop, letting us know the bus is being diverted, telling us to move up inside the bus to let people on and in one memorable case a few years ago to let us know that the bus was under attack and to call 999 immediately,

But in the last two day,s a new threat is upon us. After every bus stop, the announcement “please hold on, the bus is about to move”. Which happens not before the bus is about to move but usually about 30 seconds after it is underway. You can watch my daughter lipsynch to the message below.

She requested £3 for the performance rights. She is a good negotiator.

Now imagine that message, without such performance, being played at you every few minutes, at a time when the bus is already moving.

Because it’s not just us that have suffered this incessant and poorly timed new addition to London’s daily commute. Plenty of others have noticed. And rather than burn the buses to the ground which we know they really want to do, London has taken to social media. Which, I guess, is a thing we do now.








There is of course suspicion that this is all down to a lawsuit somewhere.

But, according to an attempt at an explanation,  apparently it’s a trial.

And apparently, that’s all the explanation we need. Why the message is timed to run at a time it is simply it true, is yet to be explained.

But here’s a suggestion. Why not change it to “The wheels on the bus go round and round?” It would at least match when it is being played…

Rich out.

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