Development on the Final Fantasy VII Remake is Reportedly Going Well

Development on Final Fantasy VII Remake Going Well, According to Yoshinori Kitase

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During a group interview published in the Japanese magazine Weekly Famitsu over New Year’s, Final Fantasy VII Remake Producer Yoshinori Kitase gave a small update on the much-anticipated project. This report comes to us from Dualshockers who translated the interview.

Kitase stated in the interview that the game’s development is going well. When asked about his goal for 2018, he explained that about the remake he’d like to work on “comfort,” he then made it into a pun by mentioning that on a personal level hopes to take it easy (using the same word, “raku” which means “ease” or “comfort”). Now, what exactly this means for the game, we can’t quite make out.

In addition to Kitase’s comments, Final Fantasy Brand Manager Shinji Hashimoto pointed out that this year he is looking forward to E3, and that his goal is to excite FF fans with all of the games currently in development in the series. This does include the FFVII Remake, but that doesn’t mean we’ll be getting a major FFVII announcement at E3.

We do know that some details on the remake will be given during the Final Fantasy 30th anniversary event later this month.

It is possible we’ll see the remake launch this year, as it fits within the development window given by Square Enix last year. Back in May, Square Enix brought the development team in-house after having worked with Cyberconnect2 during the early stages of development. You can check out some of the early screenshots Tetsuya Nomura shared of the game in development here.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake has been officially announced only for PS4 at the moment. While we don’t have a concrete release window, Square Enix plans to release the game before 2020.

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