New Final Fantasy VII Remake Will Be Shown At 30th Anniversary Event

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Some cool news this evening about Final Fantasy VII Remake as there will be some new content shown off in Japan for the game during a special 30th Anniversary event. The news comes to us from The PR Times, as Square Enix and Sony will be partnering together for an art exhibition called “Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Exhibition – Farewell Story Exhibition” in which never before seen works will be shown from various games in the series, which will utilize an audio feature with music from the games and spoken information being broadcast wirelessly to patrons as they approach each exhibit. This will include material from the original Final Fantasy VII, and new works from the Remake!

credit//Square Enix

“Farewell Story Exhibition” is a large retrospective exhibition reconstructing a number of parting farewells depicted in the work into experience-oriented exhibitions with various tastes. We introduced the newly developed “Voice AR System” * 1 for this time and installed about 150 Beacons * 2 in the venue. In the style of watching with the dedicated voice guide machine (with headphones) handed over to each visitor, by standing in front of the exhibit, with the game BGM and the character voice synchronized with each and the behavior and attributes of visitors In response, personalized navigation will be heard automatically.

That is an amazing experience that we only wish we could check out ourselves. If you manage to have the cash, you can see it yourself at the Mori Art Center Gallery in the Roppongi Hills Tokyo complex from January 22nd to February 28th.

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