Marvel Comics Withdraws Legacy Lenticular Variant Cover Sale

Posted by January 9, 2018 Comment

Four days ago, Bleeding Cool told you that Marvel Comics were making all of the Marvel Legacy lenticular cover variants available to all retailers who had ordered a single copy of the subsequent issue of each series. Which was, basically, every retailer. And not go through the hoops of tiered orders that retailers originally had to go through to order even one copy. And at a swoop destroying any possible aftermarket or added value in the lenticular covers already distributed.

And a number of retailers who had been through those hoops got quite angry with Marvel.

It didn’t last long.

Retailers now tell Bleeding Cool that not only has Marvel announced that the sale has been cancelled and Marvel Comics has stated that none of these orders have been fulfilled. A rather dramatic flip-flop.

Which means that retailers who hadn’t gone through such hoops and saw an opportunity, now got angry with Marvel.

So whichever angle Marvel takes on this, they are going to see angry retailers, just different ones. It seems that Marvel has turned this situation into a lenticular cover of its very own…

Look what you could have won.

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