Lilo and Stitch Experiment 626 Funko Exclusive Heads to BoxLunch

Lilo and Stitch is getting a new Funko exclusive at BoxLunch. Going on sale this Wednesday, January 10th, fans can get this new domed release of Stitch when he was captured before he escaped to Earth. Experiment 626 follows in the footsteps of other Funko domed exclusives at Hot Topic. Those included gold versions of BB-8 and R2-D2 from Star Wars and the rose from Beauty and the Beast. This will retail for $28.90 and available to purchase here.

I can’t imagine a more perfect collectible for Lilo and Stitch collectors — or Disney collectors, for that matter. Look at his little space suit! Disney characters just make the perfect-looking Funko figures, guys and gals; it is just time we admit that. You will want to get in on this one pretty quickly if you would like one, as the other domed figures went pretty fast.

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