B.P.R.D: The Devil You Know #5 Does Something Massive for the Mignolaverse (SPOILERS)

This was the solicitation for BPRD: The Devil You Know #5, published today by Dark Horse Comics.

A return to the demolished headquarters, the site of Kates death, reunites old team members as Abe pursues a demon and Varvara reveals her terrifying plans.

Written by Mike Mignola (as seen in this year’s comic industry Top 100 Power List) and disgraced editor Scott Allie, drawn by Laurence Campbell and coloured by Dave Stewart, it did something rather big for the Mignolaverse at Dark Horse Comics for 2018.

As all Hellboy fans know, the character is dead. And died back in 2011. So dead, he went to Hell. And stayed there, surrendering his mission to protect humanity.

But in today’s BPRD, the agents discover something underneath where their headquarters used to be. But after a certain explosion, is no more.

A coffin. And inside that coffin?

Hellboy. And a Hellboy who appears to be peering out at the light. And taking a breath in the cold air.

At the end of the issue, agents of the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense make a genuinely unexpected discovery at the site of their former headquarters, which were destroyed in last year’s Cometh The Hour series: A coffin containing what seems to be the body of none other than Hellboy, who appears to be opening his eyes…

The Hollywood Reporter quoted Mignola, saying “For a very long time we’ve known where this series was going… The reveal at the end of issue 5 was planned years ago and I sincerely hope it catches readers by surprise. The internet being what it is, it’s not easy to keep secrets these days, but I’m hopeful fans will help us out and keep a lid on things for awhile, until more people have had a chance to read the comic.”

But apparently they are okay with Bleeding Cool doing so now.

More about Hellboy’s return will be revealed soon. Well, there is a new movie on the way… though I understand that this was in the works well before that was talked about.


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