A George Papadopoulos Conspiracy Theory for Boxing Day

This has nothing to do with comics.

Yes, this is ostensibly a comic book website and I generally write about comics and when I don’t, people complain that I’m not. To be fair, people often complain when I am as well. But this time I’m not.

So, back in October, ex-Donald Trump aide George Papadopoulos plead guilty to lying to the FBI about information he was offered about Hillary Clinton, as part of Special Counsel Robert Mueller investigation into the Trump campaign’s alleged ties to Russia. You remember those, right?


It was then noted that Papadopoulos tweeted a photo of himself outside Harrods department store in London on October 25th. With the number 14 bus to Putney Bridge looming large.

Some wondered if his trip was FBI-sanctioned, but the Huffington Post noticed that the photo was at least a year old, maybe more. But if you really wanted a conspiracy, and Boxing Day is built for such things, you could note exactly where Harrods is in Knightsbridge, London. And what lies directly behind Harrods, as I walked out of the back of the store on Christmas Eve, before getting the 14 bus to Putney myself…

That’s the Embassy of Ecuador. Relatively free of agents watching the door. Here’s how far you’d have to walk from one photograph to the other.

Or you could cut through the food hall on the way. You know, just in case Papadopolous had some Trump-related #business to do with a resident of that embassy for over five years, a certain Julian Assange, of the website WikiLeaks, who himself was embroiled in the Trump campaign and received supporting comments from Trump.

And maybe fancied bringing Julian a vegetarian sausage roll from the deli counter as a bit of a treat.

Should we put our tinfoil hats on now? Or wait until after Boxing Day?


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