The Toys That Made Us Is Already My Favorite Netflix Series, and It Hasn't Aired Yet

The Toys That Made Us is a new documentary series debuting on Netflix this Friday, December 22nd. The series will focus on the history of some of the most iconic and important toy lines in history, including Star Wars, Barbie, Masters of the Universe, GI Joe, and more. Check out the trailer down below:

Featuring interviews with the creative forces behind some of our favorite lines and fans that collected them, I could not be more excited to sit down and binge these things. The influence of toys on every person's life cannot be overstated, and it is about time a series like this existed.

There have been plenty of toy-related shows and such over the years — Toy Hunter springs to mind, as well as the excellent Star Wars Kenner documentary Plastic Galaxy. But a show looking at the history and impact of the toy lines that are not Star Wars, a deep dive if you will, is something that interests me greatly. Especially the history of Barbie. That is a blind spot in my personal toy history that hopefully the show will fill in the gaps for.

I can't wait for this. I will be staying up until it is released Friday morning, and then probably binging the whole thing in one sitting. Followed by many more viewings after.

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