The Superman Team-Up That No One Asked For – Or At Least Very Few… (Action Comics #993 Spoilers)

Action Comics #993 sees Superman using Flash’s treadmill to travel back in time to the destruction of Krypton – not to prevent it, but to observe it, and see whether or not his father Jor-El was saved at the last moment by Dr Manhattan. Yes folks, this is 2017 and these are your comic books. It’s a Silver Age storyline smashed up against Watchmen.

Booster, he’s not trying to save Krypton, that’s the point.

(W) Dan Jurgens (A) Brett Booth, Joe Prado (CA) Trevor Scott, Dan Jurgens
“BOOSTER SHOT” part one! As Superman struggles to cope with Mr. Oz’s true identity, the Man of Steel turns to the only “hero” he knows who can prove once and for all if Oz’s story is true: Booster Gold! But a massive power doesn’t want our heroes venturing through time, and will do anything it can to sabotage their journey!
RATED T In Shops: Dec 13, 2017

But it looks as if he may have not just skipped time but dimensions. As we see this particular little team-up… after the time that he was sent off to Earth,

General Zod and Jor-El… together? There’s only one place we can go to comtinue that particular storyline – and that’s the very few who have pursued it before. With twenty pieces of slashfic featuring the two… and even then, some of that’s implied and in flashback. Such as Regret by masayosi661….


He regrets losing Jor-El to his foolish ideals when they were young men. It was the end of a meeting of minds, the end of companionship. It was the end of the only gentleness he had ever known. He had not let himself miss the tender touches; Jor-El’s hand on his shoulder and his warmth at his back, Jor-El’s low voice in his ear. The protection of Krypton was enough for him. He had made it enough. He had made it everything.

Kal-El has his arm around his neck. Despite his strength, there is mercy in his grip. It is not to be borne. Zod will not live with his losses any longer; he will not live without his soul.

He will not regret his death at the hands of Jor-El’s son.

Yeah, Man Of Steel still has a lot to answer for.


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