Free Marvel 2018 Calendars Tomorrow Only Show the Classic Versions of Characters – Including the Fantastic Four

Will you be a lucky favoured customer, worthy of receiving a free Marvel 2018 Calendar in your comic store tomorrow? Intriguingly, rather than showing any of the new characters, or new versions of characters, this Marvel calendar only shows the classic versions, in a trippy trip through the sixties and seventies…

Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Luke Cage, The Avengers…  intriguingly, Barry Windsor Smith’s Conan as well. How did they get the license back for that? No idea.

And… oh my. Look who it is.


The Fantastic Four. The Fantastic Four haven’t appeared on anything like this is quite some time after all that unpleasantness went down. I mean, still no X-Men, but that’s a rather unexpected step…

Happy 2018-in-a-few-weeks everyone! Look for this calendar in comic book stores tomorrow, if you are lucky. mAnd here’s what retailers had to do to get hold of them…


Meet or exceed 200% of orders for Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-Man #2 (MAY170840) with your orders for MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE #1 LEG (OCT170834) placed by the current FOC of Monday, 11/13/2017 and you will receive 1 free bundle of Marvel 2018 Calendars.

Retailers may also order the Marvel 2018 Calendar  per bundle of 25 by the FOC of Monday, 11/13/2017.In Shops: Dec 13, 2017

In comparison, here’s what last year’s version looked like:





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