Archie to Publish Dick Tracy Comics, by Alex Segura, Michael Moreci and Thomas Pitilli

Archie Comics may have lost Sonic The Hedgehog to IDW. But they’ve gained Dick Tracy from (checks Wikipedia) Blackthorne Publishing.

Dick Tracy is a long-running crime thriller detective strip created by Chester Gould in 1931, and he wrote and drew the strip for 46 years until 1977. The strip continues to this day, and the character was famously played by Warren Beatty in the 1990 movie.

And now Archie Comics is publishing their own comic series, giving us a a Dick Tracy: Year One-style story.

The series will be cwritten by Archie Comics co-president Alex Segura and Hoax HuntersMichael Moreci and Archie artist Thomas Pitilli.

The Hollywood Reporte reports Segura saying “I was thinking about Dick Tracy and how cool it would be to have him back in comic form. I shot Scott Cameron at Tribune [Content Agency] a quick email asking about the rights, not expecting it to go anywhere, but it turned out the Tribune guys were looking to get Tracy back into comics, so everything rolled from there.”

The first issue of the new series, with this cover by Francesco Francavilla, will be available in comic book stores and digitally April 11.




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