Tarantula: TBS Debuts New Danny McBride Produced Animated Series

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Credit: TBS

When viewers visit the denizens of Tierra Chula Resident Hotel, they’ll have the option to extend their stay as TBS debuted the entire first season of their new animated series Tarantula this week. The adult animated series comes with an impressive comedic pedigree when it comes to producers: Carson Mell (Silicon Valley), Danny McBride (Eastbound & Down), Jody Hill (Vice Principals), Brandon James (Chozen) and David Gordon Green (Red Oaks) are all attached to the project.

Set at the Tierra Chula Resident Hotel, aka The Tarantula, the series centers on Echo Johnson (Mell), a respected but uncertified tattoo artist who delivers absurd yet introspective monologues. Echo’s poetic ramblings tell tales of misadventures with the other residents including Lucas (Dan Bakkedahl) the sci-fi writer and bread truck driver, Booty (Mell) the sensitive lead singer, and Bess (Lauren Weedman) a lady whose toughness was forged in the local honky-tonks. They partake in party crashing, dumpster diving, and other socially dubious acts of mischief. Riki Lindhome, Jacob Vargas, Steve Jones and Tati Gabrielle also lend their voice talents to the series.

tarantula tbs animated series mcbride
Credit: TBS

Tarantula debuted its freshman season on Monday through the TBS app and TBS.com. The show is also set to air on TBS on Mondays at 10:00 pm ET/PT, with two new episodes airing Mondays following Family Guy. The series is written by Mell, who also serves as executive producer alongside McBride, Hill, James and Green. Rough House Pictures and Rough Draft Animation are handling production.

“I started this show as a web series, a total labor of love, almost six years ago. Since then, the world of Los Palicios, California and its oddball inhabitants has grown and grown in my head. I’m beyond excited to finally share Echo Johnson, and all his friends new and old, with the world in this new, more complete, way.” – Carson Mell

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