Neil Gaiman's Present To Us All On Christmas Day – A BBC Adaptation Of Anansi Boys

On Christmas Day, the BBC will broadcast the first episode of a new adaptation of Neil Gaiman's novel Anansi Boys, starring Lenny Henry, Jacob Anderson, Nathan Stewart-Jarret and Adjoa Andoh on BBC Radio 4. It will run at 11.30pm at night GMT, 6.30pm ET, 3.30pm PT.

This is another in a long side of projects between Gaiman and Henry, including The Comic Relief Comic, Neverwhere and reading the audio version of the novel, Anansi Boys.

The novel, spinning out – or is it the other way round – of American Gods, already being adapted by HBO, will be adapted into a six-part series about the trickster god Anansi and his unsuspecting son Charlie.

It will be able to be listened to worldwide and then made available on the BBC Radio iPlayer, also available worldwide, for free. As is everything on BBC Radio.

In advance, here's a trailer narrated by Neil Gaiman.

You can hear why Lenny Henry feels Anansi Boys is special, here.

Adjoa Andoh – aka Birdwoman – explains the folklore behind Neil Gaiman's Anansi Boys.

Neil Gaiman on the origin of American Gods and Anansi Boys, together.

And Jacon Anderson on his character, Charlie Nancy.

What better way to spend Christmas Day, rather than with your own family, than with another… slightly more mystical.

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