Final Fantasy VII Remake's Cloud Strife Has Joined Mobius Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Cloud Strife Has Joined Mobius Final Fantasy

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Credit// Square Enix

Not only has Final Fantasy VII‘s Cloud Strife joined Mobius Final Fantasy in its latest update, we are in fact getting our first opportunity to play as the Cloud from the remake. Yes, they are very distinctly different Clouds according to Square Enix, and I’m willing to go along with that. One is the series of polygons that loosely made a video game character back in the dark days of the late 90’s. The other looks like he walked right off Advent Children and back onto your phone.

Credit// Square Enix

However, the December update includes a number of updates and gifts for players, just in time for the holidays. Those changes include:

  • Final Fantasy VII Remake Event Stage – “Eclipse Contact”: Starting December 2, the Warrior of Light and Cloud journey together once again through this popular region. All players who venture through the Mako reactor can obtain new items, including Aerith’s iconic ‘Umbrella’ weapon.
  • New Ultimate Hero – “Cloud Strife”: Cloud joins Lightning as the second Ultimate Hero in Mobius Final Fantasy. Players who obtain and equip this powerful card will not only receive generous boosts to their stats and Ultimate abilities, but will also take on appearance of Cloud in battle.
  • Year-End Greater Summon Festival: Final Fantasy VII Remake cards will be re-released and can be obtained through the FFVII Remake Boosted Greater Summon. Additionally, specific Legend jobs will be guaranteed whenever players successfully summon a job card through the Legend Job Greater Summon. The guaranteed Legend job will change every four days, offering the chance to obtain every Legend job throughout the month.
  • Novices’ Hall New Area: Newcomers to the game can enjoy an expanded tutorial area to learn the basics of battle using the Warrior, Mage, and Ranger jobs. Veteran and beginner players will also be rewarded with Magicite, Summon Tickets and large amounts of skillseeds by completing these new stages. The Warrior, Mage and Ranger cards will be gifted to the players for free in this area.
  • Christmas Campaign: From December 17 through December 25, a special Christmas campaign brings all Mobius Day bonuses to players. Bonuses such as double stamina recovery from Elixirs, increased fusion success rates, and a fully open Pleiades Lagoon will be in effect for the entire week. Christmas companion spirits will also boost the rate at which card skills are unlocked.
  • Rewards for New & Returning Players: A prize tier will be assigned based on the combined number of new and returning users accessing the game from December 2 to 20. Depending on the total number of players, all users can earn free single summon draws in addition to one free Greater Summon.

Really though, I’m wondering if we’ve actually hit the point where Square Enix has just given up on naming the FFVII Remake and have gone with the laziest title I’ve seen out of them in, well, decades. It’s too simple. And this is the first time we’ve gotten a logo for the game and official descriptions referring to the remake as titled Final Fantasy VII Remake instead of just using that to describe the project. And so I’m left wondering, where is the usual Final Fantasy word salad title?

While I go have a mental breakdown over a JRPG title being too simplistic, you guys can check out the “Ultimate Hero Cloud Strife” trailer for Mobius Final Fantasy below.

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