What’s In The Box?!: Loot Gaming – November 2017

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Tis’ the season for subscriptions boxes as possible gifts, and if you’re looking for something specifically for a gamer, Loot Gaming usually has something cool to check out. This month we got a little something different than the norm which has all sorts of cool stuff inside.

First item up is these Dungeons & Dragons playing cards. These are a 54 card deck, which is your standard playing cards of 52, as well as two Joker cards. Each one of them uses a different creature or monster as part of the artwork for the card, with every suit having their own kind of theme happening within it. This is a nice little addition to your collection of gaming collection for the nights when your crew just wants to play a little poker.

Next up is the Lords Of The Deadra book, which is basically a small addition of information from Skyrim. This is a bit bigger than a pocketbook, but the contents basically have character and world descriptions from the world that Skyrim is set in. Nothing too fancy here, it’s a nice little reference guide with illustrations that can enhance the game for players, no secret information to be shared that you don’t already know or find out quickly in the game. Just a nice reference book.

Next up we move into the game DOOM, which has a few different items in the box. The first are these shot glasses that are designed to look like shotgun shells. These things are absolutely awesome as they’re your standard shot glass size, just brought up a bit to match the look and feel of a shell. The gold around the bottom and the DOOM logo on the side make all the difference so you know when you need to pound two, you can take a double barrel in style.

Keeping with DOOM, the pin inside the game is a 50 Calibur Bullet pin. I’m not entirely sure why this pin says October 2017, probably a misprint, but it definitely matches the one for November’s package. The pin itself is of great quality enamel and feels like the real end of a bullet, just enlarged. Not sure who would exactly wear this one as a pin, but it looks great!

Probably the best item int he box was the surprise Funko Pop figure we got of the Space Marine from DOOM. I get why they added eyes to the figure as that you recognize it as a Funko item, but at the same time, a lot of the games where you see the soldier wearing the helmet, you can’t see his eyes unless you’re looking at the health meter in the game, so this was just weird. Beyond that, he looks to a tee the replica of the current marine inside the DOOM series. It was an awesome addition to find in this month’s box.

The last DOOM related item was a full poster of the current game. This one looks incredible as it shows off a classic look from DOOM married to the current art style of the game. But like all Loot Gaming boxes, the drawback to this one is the fact that it’s folded up. Still waiting for the day when they send them rolled up.

Finally, the make or break item: the t-shirt. This month we got a Diablo t-shirt, made to look like the Motörhead logo. This was an absolute treat to have as I have actually played Diablo II to the sound of “Ace Of Spades”. I was instantly in love with this shirt the minute it popped out and have been proudly wearing it when I can. This was an absolute winner!

Overall, the November Loot Gaming box was amazing! No complaints beyond the issues with the poster, everything inside appealed to me as a gamer across several titles and there really wasn’t a losing item inside the box. Well done, Loot Crate! I can’t wait to see what Decemebr has in store.

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