Checking Out The 'Summoners War' World Arena Championship 2017 Box

Checking Out The ‘Summoners War’ World Arena Championship 2017 Box

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Over the Thanksgiving holiday, Summoners War decided to throw their World Arena Championships to show off the best of the best from the game. As part of the promotion for that event, we were one of the lucky people who got sent a special promotional box, which contained an ad for the event, a jersey, and two special figurines. We decided to break this bad boy open and see what they had in store for us.

The first of the two figures was this Water Fairy from Com2Us. This is one of the best figures I’ve seen designed for under $100. The flowing blue hair, the way the water moves under her feet, the design of her outfit; it’s all well put together with shades of blue that help makes her stand out. I’m sure there are a few people who don’t quite care for how she looks a little more busty than her in-game character, but that’s a debate for lovers of the game to hash out.

The second figure is the Archangel. Clad in white and gold armor with a hood and standing on cracked rubble, this guy looks mighty badass and ready to pounce. Inside his case included additional attachments for his wings, as well as a hand you can switch out that’s carrying his sword, giving you a few different options for custom poses.

The last piece of the box was this official Summoners War jersey from Jinx, which is the same jerseys they were showing off people wearing during the tournament. These are pretty cool as Jinx does some great work when it comes to jersey wear, showing off the logo for the game and some familiar imagery, all with a hexagon pattern across the top.

Overall, I really enjoyed what Summoners War had to send us. These are some mighty fine items and I hope they’re selling this box off as a special collector’s item somewhere. If not, both of the figures are sold separately, as well as the jersey, and each of them is of outstanding quality. If you love the game, I recommend checking all of these out.

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