The Return Of Conner Kent In The Super Sons Of Tomorrow

In recent issues of Detective Comics, we met Tim Drake, the Batman Of Tomorrow, coming to the past to kill Batwoman. As you do. He also alluded to something Damien Wayne did to Jonathan Kent which was very, very bad.

Is that Jonathan Kent that Future Tim is talking about as Damien surmises? Or is it Conner Kent, Kon-El, from another Kon-Tinuity?

In Super Sons, we have now seen another Batman Of Tomorrow, this time the adult Damian Wayne from Batman #666, also come back to the present day.

And we have a picture of Conner Kent Superboy on Jonathan Kent’s wall…

This image…

In upcoming comics we will now have The Super Sons Of Tomorrow, crossing over Superman, Super Sons and Teen Titans… And yes, this time rather than targeting Batwoman, Future Tim Drake is looking to kill Jonathan Kent. And for those wondering if this means an appearance of the Future Teen Titans… we can expect a future Superman Conner Kent, Wonder Woman Cassie Sandsmark and Bart Allen Flash. A Tim Drake-turned-future Vigilante. And a destruction of Titans Tower in the process…

(W) Peter J. Tomasi, Patrick Gleason (A) Doug Mahnke, Jaime Mendoza (CA) Ivan Reis
“SUPER SONS OF TOMORROW” part one! The four-part crossover between Superman, the Super Sons and the Teen Titans starts here! The Batman of Tomorrow travels to the present to prevent a cataclysmic disaster before it happens, revealing that Superboy will soon be responsible for the death of millions. But Superman will do anything to protect his son… and the Batman of Tomorrow is unwavering in his resolve to take down the Boy of Steel. Don’t miss a clash of titanic proportion in the opening chapter of this game-changing story!

(W) Peter J. Tomasi (A) Jorge Jimenez (CA) Francis Manapul
“SUPER SONS OF TOMORROW” part two! The Super Sons are on the run after discovering Superboy’s dark destiny. Will Robin be able to protect his friend from the Batman of Tomorrow?

(W) Peter J. Tomasi (A/CA) Francis Manapul
“SUPER SONS OF TOMORROW” part three! The Batman of Tomorrow reveals himself to the Teen Titans to recruit them to his cause. But the reunion gives way to the big question: is the life of an innocent child worth more than the lives of millions? It’s the Teen Titans vs. the Super Sons in the battle you’ve been waiting for!


(W) Peter J. Tomasi, Patrick Gleason (A) Ed Benes (CA) Ivan Reis, Oclair Albert
“SUPER SONS OF TOMORROW” finale! With no other choice left, the Batman of Tomorrow brings in the Titans of Tomorrow to take on today’s Teen Titans-as the life of Superman’s son hangs in the balance! See the return of future Superman Conner Kent, Wonder Woman Cassie Sandsmark and Bart Allen Flash in the final battle of this epic crossover.

(W) Ben Percy (A) Otto Schmidt (CA) Dan Mora
“The Following” part one! In the aftermath of “Super Sons of Tomorrow” the Teen Titans are left without a place to call home. But a Titan’s work is never finished, and when a series of strange murders crop up in San Francisco, it’s up to the team to crack the case and prevent further bloodshed. Are the killings the work of a single serial killer…or is there a greater conspiracy at work?

(W) Peter J. Tomasi (A) Jorge Jimenez (CA) Giuseppe Camuncoli
“SUPER SONS OF TOMORROW” epilogue! Superboy and Robin must face the repercussions of the events of “Super Sons of Tomorrow” and how the emotional toll will affect their relationships with each other, their parents and the Teen Titans. Meanwhile, the past rears its ugly head to haunt Damian Wayne-in the form of his mother, Talia Al Ghul!

And how the Titans appearances of a future Donna Troy fits in with all this, I have no idea… if only DC Comics had on hand a talent who has dealt with broken time in another comic book continuity?

Say, maybe that’s where the leftover Wolverine and Susan Storm turned up?

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