New Screenshots & Character Info Released For Attack On Titan 2

Some new info from Koei Tecmo this week on Attack On Titan 2 as they sent out new character bios, which we’ve posted below, along with new screenshots of the game for you to check out.

Hange Zoe

A Section Commander of the Scout Regiment. Hange acts as Erwin’s advisor due to her high intelligence and excellent combat skills. However, her interest in capturing and researching Titans often leads her to disagreements with Erwin. Although she is normally a talented commander, her interest in Titans occasionally runs wild causing much concern for Hange’s right-hand subordinate, Moblit.

Erwin Smith

The Commander of the Scout Regiment. His strong leadership skills has brought together the highly idiosyncratic members of the Regiment. However, he is also prepared to make any heartless decision necessary to bring humanity one step closer to victory. With this goal in mind, he designed the long-distance enemy scouting formation to increase the survival rate of Expeditions which he makes use of to lay the groundwork for retaking Wall Maria.


A soldier of the Garrison Regiment with a taste for alcohol. He once saved young Eren and Mikasa during the Colossal Titan’s attack on Shiganshina Distict but was overcame with fear of the Titans that he could not save Eren’s mother, Caria. Following the attack, he eventually became a captain of the Engineering Corps in the Trost District.

Ian Dietrich

A soldier of the Garrison Regiment who serves as the leader of its Elite Squad. His exceptional combat skills and capacity to make sound judgements earned him Commander Pyxis’ confidence.

Rico Brzenska

A soldier of the Garrison Regiment and a member of its Elite Squad along with Ian and Mitabi. Rationale to a fault, she is capable of making cold-hearted decisions if the situation called for it.

Mitabi Jarnach

A soldier of the Garrison Regiment and a member of its Elite Squad along with Ian and Rico. Although he typically has a foul mouth, his strong sense of responsibility is second to none.

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