Stephanie McMahon Comes After Kurt Angle, And The Shield Is Having None Of It

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Last night’s RAW opened with Stephanie McMahon‘s ongoing promo with making Kurt Angle look as bad as possible. She called Angle out to the ring to tear him a new one, even going as so far to saw he wouldn’t lead Team RAW to victory during Survivor Series. To be honest, I like Steph on the mic. She’s charismatic, she’s mean as hell, and I like seeing her back. She gets interrupted by The Shield. And oh hot damn, Roman Reigns is back.

After being distracted by The New Day last RAW, which cost them their titles, they want revenge. As a result The Shield and The New Day will be facing each other this Sunday at Survivor Series, and I’m ready for it. This whole promo is pretty amazing, though. The dynamic between Steph and Angle is awesome, and I hope this drama continues.

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