"Chaos" In The The Halls Of DC Comics After "Bergexit"

“Chaos” In The The Halls Of DC Comics After “Bergexit”

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“Chaos” is the word one source used. The suspension and firing of Eddie Berganza is also being referred to as “Bergexit” by some who should know better.

It can be argued that the biggest reason that Eddie Berganza survived at DC Comics when all the sexual harassment allegations came out against him was that he was very good at getting comic books out of the door and on the shelf. This “value for money” saw him survive when others, such as Karen Berger and Shelly Bond were shown the door when they became too expensive for DC. This was a DC Comics that, for the New 52, valued timeliness above cohesiveness, willing to cut artists who were late, hand unfinished pages to other artists, increase the creator credit count for an issue, and juggle all the resultant paperwork valued someone like Berganza who could, to use another faint praise compliment from another century, “make the trains run on time.”

In the wake of the Batman group not having had a group editor for some time now, the DC New Age Of Heroes line being significantly delayed, the Superman group losing its head with no obvious replacement, and the holidays upon us, something at DC Comics is going to give. I am told to expect delays, cancellations, postponements in waves.

I get reports of increased stress, arguments, and an impending sense of doom within the company — tempered somewhat by the belief that DC did the right thing. There was plenty of objection towards Eddie internally within the company, as much as there were people who considered him a friend.

However, it may also be an opportunity for those who can to step up and prove themselves. Rebecca Taylor is now editing Metal rather than co-editing with Berganza, and no one doubts her ability to keep that event on the tracks. Others may seize upon the chance to show exactly what they can do, unburdened with the knowledge that certain creators won’t refuse to work for them.

But with Action Comics #1000 on the way in early 2018, there are worries for the publishing feasibility for a number of related titles.

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