Bungie Will Tell Us About Destiny 2’s First Expansion On Tomorrow’s Livestream

In tomorrow’s livestream, Bungie will be giving us information on Destiny 2‘s first expansion – The Curse of Osiris. The stream will kick off at 11 a.m. Pacific, Wednesday, Nov. 15 on Bungie’s Twitch channel if you want to watch, or you can just check back here for the rundown.

Based on the video released today to announce the livestream, we can expect to hear about the new strikes, missions, and raids that will be part of the new expansion along with some interesting backstory. One of the nice things about Destiny 2 so far is that the game is actually managing to leverage the characters and stories it owns much better than the original game. Which, really, was what we expected. After all, Destiny 2 launched with much less difficulty than Destiny did, and didn’t lose its script a few weeks before launch.

You can watch the livestream announcement video below.

Join Bungie for an introduction to Osiris, the most notorious Guardian in history. Learn about the mysteries, explorations, and battles that await you in ‘Curse of Osiris,’ the first expansion to Destiny 2. The conversation will happen live on Wednesday, November 15 at 11AM Pacific. To be part of the moment, follow us at www.twitch.tv/bungie.

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