The Next Marvel Legacy Retro Ad Is…Quantum and Woody! #1?

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Back in the mid-’90s, Christopher Priest famously lifted the dynamic of the bickering duo from his previous duo, Power Man and Iron Fist, for his latest creation: Quantum and Woody for Acclaim (née Valiant) Comics.

Cut to 20 years later and everything that once old in comics is new again, from lenticular covers to Watchmen to Valiant and even house ads, as Marvel’s recent spate of nostalgia-inspired adverts has taught us again and again and again.

Well, looks like Valiant might have done them one better and, in the spirit of Priest’s original inspiration, finally reciprocated the homage.

Currently circulating in Valiant’s November titles, readers have spotted this house ad for Quantum and Woody! #1 — coming in December from creators Daniel Kibblesmith and Kano:


And this is the cover for Cage #1, the first issue of Luke Cage’s 1992 solo series:

“Unleashing the power,” indeed. Valiant has already made it known that they’ve claimed a cache of authentic ’90s comics foil to use for a series of Quantum and Woody! variant covers, and now it appears that even their precious, precious tag lines aren’t safe.

Quantum and Woody! #1 is on sale December 20th from Valiant Entertainment. You can see the first four of the series’s upcoming “Extreme Ultra-Foil” variant covers, featuring the artwork of God Country‘s Geoff Shaw, here:

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