Blizzard Brings The Hammer Down On Several ‘Overwatch’ Chinese Players

A bit of an oddity worth taking note on in the Overwatch community as Blizzard has stepped up and taken down many of what it describes are “negative players” from the Asia servers, specifically for trolling and cheating. In the translated version of this post on their forums a week ago, “After detailed and rigorous verification by the staff, we will penalize players who have been identified as having negative competition behaviors and will also monitor and crack down on such negative behaviors in the long term.”


The reason this is a bit of an oddity is that Blizzard seems to do a lot more of this on a case-by-case basis as individual players are suspended and banned per the behavior they exhibit on a daily and monthly basis. Here they’ve taken more of the Steam approach to banning by rounding up the IPs and accounts of several players at once and brought down the ban hammer on everyone together. They even went so far as to show all the accounts that were banned. Could this be a sign of things to come on the American and European servers? Speaking as someone who is tired of inhaling toxic and salt, I would welcome it.

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