Lying In The Gutters - Remembered, Remembered, The Fifth Of Novembered 2017

Lying In The Gutters – Remembered, Remembered, The Fifth Of Novembered 2017

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Four hundred years ago, the Catholic terrorist was thwarted in his attempt to blow up the Houses Of Parliament when he and his cohorts were discovered in the cellars of Parliament with enough barrels of gunpowder about to be lit, enough to destroy the place. In the centuries since, the fifth of November is celebrated by bonfires and fireworks across the land, with effigies of Guy Fawkes being burnt on top of the pyre.

This weekend, it seems that the Houses Of Parliament has done a far better job of destroying itself than Guy Fawkes ever did. Looks like I’ll have a hell of a cartoon to draw for the Guido Fawkes website tomorrow. Until then… what have you been reading this week? When you weren’t enjoying Thor: Ragnarok?

Top Twenty Traffic Of The Week

  1. American Horror Story: Cult’s Colton Haynes Is Married!
  2. WWE Star Mocks Fired Colleague, Is Rebuked By Entire Industry
  3. Disney’s Andi Mack Condemned By Million Moms For LGBT Storyline
  4. When Jeanette Hayes Copied, Exhibited And Sold The Art Of DeviantArt’s Kaze Jim
  5. DC Comics To Publish Batman/Wonder Woman Comic By Liam Sharp
  6. [SPOILERS] Taika Waititi Talks The Mid-Credits Scene In Thor: Ragnarok
  7. Thor: Ragnarok – Who Lives, Who Dies, Who’s Related? (SPOILERS)
  8. The Lesson Of Metal From DC Comics Today – Don’t Marry A Superhero If You Want To Stay Remotely Human (SPOILERS)
  9. [SPOILER] Had A Cameo In Thor: Ragnarok But They Cut It
  10. Today’s Spider-Man #234 May Be Good News For Donald Glover (SPOILERS)
  11. Star Wars Pint Glass Sparks Rumors Of Last Jedi Spoiler For Luke Skywalker
  12. Beta Unmasked In Today’s Walking Dead #173 (SPOILERS)
  13. When Sir Anthony Hopkins Pops Into A Comic Shop And Ends Up Signing Lots Of Thor #700
  14. Rubbing It In Faces Of Book Readers, Maisie Williams And Kit Harington Can’t Wait For End Of Game Of Thrones
  15. Rumor: Following Epic 5-Star Street Fight, Luke Gallows And Karl Anderson May Leave WWE
  16. Chris Hemsworth Confirms That Thor Will Be [SPOILER] For Infinity War
  17. House Of Cards Has Collapsed, Netflix Cancels Series Amid Spacey Controversy
  18. DC Turning Aquaman Into A #RESIST Vs Trump Comic In November
  19. X-Men Blue’s Roster To Get Uncannily Refreshed After Poison X Crossover
  20. Big Bang’s Kaley Cuoco To Produce, Star In ‘The Flight Attendant’ Series

And Ten You May Prefer

  1. Mark Hamill To Write A Mark Millar Millarworld Comic For Netflix – But Not Kingsman
  2. Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man #6 Rewrites The History Of J Jonah Jameson – And More (SPOILERS)
  3. The Story Behind The Story of The Doctor Who Magazine Puffer Fish Acrostic…
  4. Gerard Way’s Doom Patrol Gets Later And Later…
  5. Menton3 Resigns From Ars Memoria Amid Abuse And Fraud Allegations
  6. Archie’s Hallowe’en ComicFest Causes Retailer Concern
  7. Tim Sale Returning To Batman, Talking To Tom King And Kyle Higgins For Two Different Projects
  8. Where In The World Is The Dazzler #43 One-Shot For Marvel Legacy?
  9. Katie Power’s One Of The Few Who Knows Where Reed Richards And Sue Storm Are, In Power Pack #63
  10. Mark Hamill To Write A Mark Millar Millarworld Comic For Netflix – But Not Kingsman



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