Katie Power, One Of The Few Who Knows Where Reed Richards And Sue Storm Are, In Power Pack #63

Katie Power, One Of The Few Who Knows Where Reed Richards And Sue Storm Are, In Power Pack #63

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Post-Secret Wars, it is a little up in the air who knows and who doesn’t know what happened in the Secret Wars that remade the multiverse, supervised by the Molecule Man, Mister Fantastic and The Invisible Woman. The cosmic figures know, over in Ultimates, as they talk about the eighth iteration of reality.


Silver Surfer seems to know what went down. As does The Maker, on a mission from Molecule Man. As does Black Panther who took himself out of time with an Infinity Gem to kickstart the Wakandan Intergalactic Empire. And Doctor Doom, who was a god….


…seems to have a grasp. Miles Morales and Peter Parker know that Miles’ Ultimate history was dropped into the Marvel Universe. Sometimes he remembers in his own title, and forgets in Gwenpool’s titles – oh, and she definitely knows.

But I understand that in Marvel Two-In-One, we will get confirmation that Ben Grimm and Johnny Storm don’t know what went down, that their absence is down to the events that led up to Secret Wars – but that’s it. Is its also possible that the issue will see Reed Richards get a message to Grimm. We will know for sure fairly soon…

But in today’s Power Pack #63, the first of the Marvel Legacy oneshots reviving classic series for one more issue, we discover that Katie Powers know – because Alex Power is one of the people working with Reed and Sue. And somehow, she is one fo the few people in the Marvel Universe who has retained that important knowledge…

…but because this is just a one shot and Katie Powers is not in any other title right now, it seems like she will be keeping that knowledge to herself.

(W) Devin Grayson (A) Cresta, Marika (CA) Mike McKone
In a twist of fate, four children gained incredible powers. And in a universe full of war-hungry aliens and terrorizing gangsters, they would need them. Thus Power Pack was born! But when an enemy from the past rears its head again, the youngest Power finds herself in a body-snatching nightmare! Big brother Alex better come around – or Katie is toast!
A never-before-told adventure comes to light as Katie Power revisits family history!
Rated T In Shops: Nov 01, 2017

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