Photos: Bleeding Cool Staff Goes All Out For Halloween – Show Us Yours And Win!

Hey, Bleeding Cool readers! It’s officially Halloween, and we’re all decked out. (Well, a good chunk of us are. Not everyone is as detrimentally passionate about Halloween as I am.) We’ve decided to share our spooky, silly, and downright nerdy costumes with you. Go easy on us.

And as a bonus, submit a photo or two of your own costume below and you could win one of three cool swag boxes from our friends over at Comet TV!

Lauren Sisselman (Writer)

Two for one! We’ve got a Jughead (with bonus hot dog) and a badass witch. Lauren made the witch costume with her mom — d’aww.

Dan Wickline (Writer)

The mysterious Dan Wickline shows off his Doctor Fate mask. Dan doesn’t pose in costume very often, but when he does, it’s pretty damn cool.

Eliot Cole (Writer/Admin)

This was Eliot’s scariest costume thus far. He was once acid attacked by five gang members — this is him dressing up as them. (You’d better ask him if you want the whole story.)

Haley Rose-Lyon (Assistant Editor) and Zaira Gaudio-Fry (Marketing Advisor/Part-Time Editor)

Sailor Mercury and a Kigurumi Japanese onesie from! Zaira was warm and cozy. I, not so much. But hey, we both looked awesome!

Ray Flook (Writer)

Ray is an avid TV fan, as any of you who read his articles will know. Here’s only a tease of his Jesse Custer from Preacher costume, but you get the jist of it!

Kaitlyn Booth (Head Film Writer)

Kaitlyn is rocking it as Jessica Jones (with bonus Matt Murdock). Funny how simply a scarf, leather jacket, and jeans are immediately recognizable as Jessica’s signature look.

Mary Anne Butler (Writer)

Mary Anne does a lot of amazing cosplay, but this is one of her most adorable costumes. Here she is as Miss Piggy and her dutifully obedient companion, Kermit.

Well, that’s all for us — now submit your Halloween costume below for a chance to win! We’ll be choosing our favorites over the next couple of days. Have a great night, everyone!

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