Finally! Jill Thompson’s Scary Godmother Dolls Are Packed Up And Ready

I’ve been fortunate to take my creation from books and comics all the way to the Stage and Screen! Now I want to be able to take her to that next step, the place people have been asking me about ever since I wrote the first Scary Godmother Story. I want to create Scary Godmother Stuff! I have a notebook filled with pages and pages of Scary Godmother product ideas and I finally have a way to bring them directly to you….. starting with The Scary Godmother Fashion Doll!

Four years ago, Jill Thompson Kickstartered over $200,000 to create a fashion doll based on her comic book and storytelling character Scary Godmother. I backed the crowdfunding campaign on behalf of my then-8-year-old daughter Eve. She is now 12, maths-fans, and not quite as into fashion dolls as she once was.

Thankfully I also have a 9-year-old in Alice, who is.

It’s been a long journey through all sorts of possibilities but finally… Thompson today told backers, that all the Scary¬†Godmother have been manufactured and packed up into boxes, in a 40 foot cargo container, being shipped across the ocean, with an estimated arrival time at shipping centres of the 20th November.

Which means, it is just possible, that Alice will be getting a most excellent Christmas present…. you never know.

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