Stranger Things 2 Really Loves Grant Morrison’s The Invisibles

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From Grant Morrison’s Invisibles comic book series for DC/Vertigo… this is King Mob. A former horror writer named Gideon Starorzewski whose pen name was “Kirk Morrison”. He is the leader of the cell of Invisibles at the beginning of the series, and adopted the name from an earlier Invisible active in the 1930s. He has a love-hate relationship with his “counter culture terrorist” persona, and is sometimes troubled by his capacity for violence.

This is Tom O’Bedlam. Who in the 1920s, was a repressed, arrogant and rather snobbish boy who is drawn into the libertine Invisible cell of his cousin Edith Manning partially due to his crush on her, partially as a form of rebellion against his father’s more conservative (in terms of ritual) brand of invisibilism. He goes mad during the Hand of Glory ritual, and is later in life seen as a semi-mad derelict. He helps Jack Frost realize his powers, for all purposes being his mentor.

And this is Barbelith.A sentient satellite that intercedes in human events to help the species realize its true potential. That allows one character to feel humanity’s collective suffering and ultimately enables the heroes to defeat the forces of darkness and achieve enlightenment. Or at least that’s one interpretation.

And from Stranger Things 2….

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