Shannara Chronicles Season 2, Episode 2 Recap: Wraith

Shannara Chronicles Season 2, Episode 2 Recap: Wraith

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This article contains spoilers for The Shannara Chronicles Season 2, Episode 2: ‘Wraith’.

Shannara Chronicles

As the new season continues into an original storyline, it has also taken a much faster pace than the first season. Things that would’ve been stretched out over a few episodes are already wrapped up and onto the next thing before the halfway point of this episode.

Wil and Mareth avoid the Wraiths as best they can and find their way to Wil’s old home, where they discover his Uncle Flick wounded but still alive. Allanon meets with King Ander and catches him up Bandon and the Warlock Lord. He suggests Ander make an alliance with the human Queen.

We meet the Weapons Master and bounty hunter Garet Jax, who rescues Eretria and Lyria from the ravagers only to have him knock out Eretria and take Lyria, as she is his target. Turns out Lyria is the human princess, and her mother wants to marry her to King Ander to make the alliance official — but Ander is already involved with Katrina (the girl Bandon loves).

Eretria follows Lyria back to the castle and gets caught, only to be taken to King Ander, where she finds out that Amberle is dead. She tells Allanon of her vision. He takes it as Wil’s in trouble, and has to go help him. Wil , on the other hand, is finding out from Uncle Flick the truth about his father and the Flick had gone with Shea and Allanon to stop the Warlock Lord.

The Wraiths attack along with Bandon, who discovers the location of the Warlock Lord’s head from Flick and take him, telling Wil he must bring Allanon in three days or Flick is dead. Allanon is confronted by General Riga, who is immune to magic, and takes out the druid, putting a collar on him that will block Allanon from using magic. Eretria is going to find Wil and Katrina goes to tell Ander, only to be killed by Ander’s right hand man who is part of the Crimson and set up Allanon.

So Ander is going to get married to Eretria’s girl, Wil has to find Allanon, Eretria is going to find Wil, Bandon is looking for the Warlock Lord’s head, Riga is just eliminating magic — and Mareth wants to find her father. All the while, Garet Jax is in the royal brothel spending his gold. I think he has the right idea.

The action level of the show is definitely higher as is the pace. Having already introduced the majority of characters, they can avoid that and go straight for the main story. The writers are doing a good job of crafting a tale that fits into the universe Terry Brooks created. The sped-up pace makes a lot of sense, as there are only 10 episodes in the season. My guess is that at some point Bandon will succeed in bring back the Warlock Lord, which will probably take an episode or two to deal with.

Looks like we’ll see more of Allanon vs. Riga and the Crimson next week, and maybe we’ll get into Riga’s backstory and how he’s immune to magic. Also, I don’t think they introduced Jax for just one episode. Some how he is going to end up part of this quest and becoming an ally of someone — hopefully of Wil and Eretria.

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