So Maybe Wonder Woman Wasn’t The Worst Mother – But Then Superman Was A Terrible Step-Dad (Justice League #31 Spoilers)

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We’ve had a little fun with Justice League of late, which has seemingly portrayed Wonder Woman as a terrible mother for her as-of-yet unconceived son, Hunter Prince, who travelled back in time with a bunch of Justice Leaguers’ children from a post-apocalyptic future to try and undo whatever it was that had caused the world to be the way it was. Or would be.

And even if there was a reason for abandoning him as a child and giving him to Superman and Lois Lane to raise alongside Jonathan Kent…

…this kind of clinches the deal.

But not, as everyone seems possessed by darkness, Wonder Woman’s mother Hippolyta, who it turned out was worse than everyone, told Hunter the truth, in today’s Justice League #31 by Bryan Hitch, Fernando Pasarin, Andy Owens, Oclair Albert and Brad Anderson.

It was an act to save him, to stop him being infected by the Darkness infection thing. It’s just that for some reason, she didn’t leave an explanatory note. And it turns out, Superman never explained it either, which might have saved years of bad feeling, hating his mother and Hunter going back in time to kill Wonder Woman.

Which makes Superman a really bad father-figure in this scenario. Oops.

Still, it all works out in the end. Um, spoilers. With Batman Of Tomorrow, Super Sons Of Tomorrow, everyone seems to be getting a telling off from either their kids or their future selves right now at DC Comics.

(W) Bryan Hitch (A) Fernando Pasarin, Oclair Albert (CA) Bryan Hitch
“LEGACY” finale! The truth about Sovereign is revealed-and her identity will shake the Justice League to its core! The Darkness is out of control and if the Justice League and their future children don’t triumph over its evil, it will mean the end of everything, everywhere, forever.
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SRP: $2.99

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