Flash Season 4, Episode 2 Recap: Mixed Signals

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This article contains spoilers for The Flash season 4 episode – Mixed Signals.







We got the second episode of the fourth season of the Flash last night and it was appropriately titled Mixed Signals. The main story of the episode and villain of the week had to do with a group of  computer techs that figured out a malware program and made a fortune from it, except three of them stole the idea from the fourth and cut him out. It just so happens that he, Ramsey Deacon, ended up with the powers of a human computer virus and can affect anything with tech… including Barry’s new Flash suit. Deacon, who takes the name Kilg%re, goes through trying to kill the three that wronged him. Dropping one 100 floors in an elevator. Almost killing another with a runaway car and the third almost died from insulin overdose. When Flash confronts him, Kilg%re takes over his suit and uses it against him and Kid-Flash. It isn’t until he hits himself with lightning that he shorts the suit out and gets control back. Kilg%re ends up in Iron Heights prison where we learn that he did not become a meta from the particle accelerator explosion and that there are others. We also get another shot of the Thinker who wanted Kilg%re in the prison and appears to be looking for 11 other metas. Meaning Kilg%re isn’t just a villain of the week, but part of the bigger story.

The B story involved Iris and Barry not communicating well and going to see a couples counselor. At first it appears to be about her place on the team and him listening to her, but they get down to the truth that Iris is still upset that Barry left. She knew he had to, but he didn’t even talk to her about it. He just decided and went. And as his soon-to-be wife, she should’ve been in on that decision. The C story involves Cisco and Gypsy who are supposed to be on a date night, but Cisco has to keep pushing it off and eventually cancelling. Problem is that this is a special day on Gypsy’s Earth. Cisco makes it up to her and we see these two are really getting close.

The episode was hyped as being light and funny, and while that was true in some parts, it dealt with some serious issues. It also had some pretty violent deaths and attacks. The scene with the suit malfunctioning was funny and Cisco did go a bit over the top on tech, the fact it had a self-destruct option if Barry went evil is probably something they should talk about. It looks like we’re going to be seeing the Thinker and the Mechanic in the background for a while as the put together this team. We also met Warden Wolfe who appears like he might be work with the Thinker. He’s obviously not a throw away character or they wouldn’t have cast Richard Brooks (Law & Order) to play him. So you can bet that Iron Heights will play a key role in the Thinker’s plan.

Next week we get another new villain, Hazard (Sugar Lyn Beard), who has luck abilities. From set photos seen earlier this year it seems she is going to have a pretty accurate to comics costume. I’m going to go ahead and guess that she will be another piece of the Thinkers puzzle.


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