Supergirl Season 3, Episode 2 Recap: Triggers

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This article contains spoilers for the Supergirl season three episode – Triggers.






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This week’s episode has three main stories going on and one minor. The A story is Supergirl dealing with new villain Psi who can cripple someone with their own fears as well as create mental force fields that she can push towards people. She’s a pretty imposing bad guy and could be worth a lot of good stories. Yael Grobglas does a nice job portraying her, but there just isn’t enough time spent on the character. Most of it is spent with Supergirl dealing with the fear of being abandoned and trapped in her space ship after Krypton exploded. Of course there’s more to it as we learn that she’s really dealing with guilt of sending Mon-El off. Once she excepts that, she is able to defeat Psi. B story is Lena Luthor buying CatCo and showing up expecting to run the place and butting heads with James Olsen, who currently runs the place. There is drama between Lena and James as she keep stepping on his toes and there’s drama between Lena and Kara as she keeps running off to be Supergirl but Lena doesn’t know that. The C story is fall out form Reign, who we now know is Samantha Arias, saving her daughter Ruby by lifting the heavy tower. Ruby is obsessed with her mom having powers and gets in trouble at school and tries to put herself in danger t have her mom save her. But she doesn’t have the strength she had on that day. Ruby is also worried about being abandoned as Samantha has started a new job… working for Lena Luthor. The minor story is the wedding plans and it feels like their trying to build a problem here as the season progresses to explain why actress Floriana Lima is leaving the show.

The episode was a nice dig into Supergirl’s past and the parallel of sending Mon-El off into space with her own journey from the exploding Krypton. I’m not sure about having Lena Luthor at CatCo full time. The Arrowverse shows are always stronger when they’re not dealing with the whole secret identity thing. Now both Supergirl and Arrow have made it an issue again. Plus, I like the show better without the ‘work place’ drama going on. Psi was a pretty cool character and I hope they will bring her back in the future, as I don’t think there was enough time spent on her. I’d like to know more about what makes her ticket, but she was relegated to more ‘villain of the week’ role because of time and the other storylines. The Reign/Samantha story is interesting and moving a long at a nice slow pace which I hope they continue with. And the fact the whole question of kids just came up while Alex and Maggie are planning their wedding is not a good thing. But I agree with J’onn about D.J. over live band.

The final moment of the episode has J’onn J’onzz sitting in a booth by himself having a beer when suddenly he hears M’gann M’orzz, then she’s appearing in front of him and tells him he has to come to Mars… now. This is obviously a mental projection, but what can be so important that he has to go back to a place he escaped? The trailer tells us that there is another Green Martian left and J’onn refers to him as ‘father’. We know that Carl Lumbly is joining the series as M’yrnn J’onzz, J’onn’s father. Which is a nice bit of legacy casting as Lumbly voiced the character of J’onn J’onzz in the animated Justice League cartoon series. I’m a little surprised by the name though, for some reason I assumed that Martians went for alliteration in naming and that his dad’s name would also start with a “J”.

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